Family Violence Tool Kit


The Miykiwan Toolkit is the result of the effort of a great many people coming together with open hearts and open minds to help improve the lives of Aboriginal families living off-reserve in Canada.

We all understand that there is a need to bring our lives into greater balance and to centre ourselves within lives free of violence, in order to heal ourselves, our families and our communities.

This toolkit is a constructive and practical step toward a better future for off-reserve Aboriginal families. It contains strong reminders of our cultural resilience and points to realistic ways that we can bring about positive change through ideas and practices that help people live healthier, more peaceful lives.

The Miykiwan Toolkit is a tool designed to share knowledge and raise awareness about the impacts of family violence.

The Miykiwan Toolkit builds on the strengths and resilience of Aboriginal families and communities, promotes healthier living, and celebrates a vision of violence free Aboriginal homes and communities.

The Miykiwan Toolkit builds awareness of the various types of violence that can be experienced in a family/domestic setting and provides preventative tips and relevant information to address and reduce reoccurrence.

The Miykiwan toolkit contains three books and 11 Fact Sheets.

Download the books, you will need Adobe Reader to view, click here for free Adobe Reader

CAP-FVPT-ResourceBook FE.pdf

CAP-FVPT-User Guide FE.pdf

CAP-FVPT-LifeFactBook FE.pdf

Download the PersonalSafetyPlan FE.pdf

Fact Sheets: Click to download any or each fact sheet below:

Child Violence FE.pdf   Dating Violence FE.pdf   Domestic Violence FE.pdf   Emotional Violence FE.pdf   Family Violence FE.pdf    How To Live With Exit Violence FE.pdf   Issues Affecting Violence FE.pdf    Senior Violence FE.pdf    Sexual Violence FE.pdf    Violence Against Men FE.pdf    Violence Against Those With Disabilities.FE_.pdf

Original content is from the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples website: