The Success Program Coordinator is responsible for the promotion and delivery of the (Success) Program; a 30 hour weekly employment and education training program for Indigenous off-reserve youth ages 18-30 with an equal gender ratio. This program will be offered in two locations: Charlottetown and Portage. The Coordinator works to help support, in conjunction with a facilitator,  youth to maximize their existing strengths, while offering the necessary transferrable skills to identify, and overcome barriers and pursue lifelong learning to find fulfilling careers. The program consists of eight  weeks classroom  experience with a focus of the Seven Essential Skills, like skills,  and assertiveness; upon completion of the eight weeks, the participants will enter in a customized work placement for an additional eight weeks. It is our vision to achieve great success with this program, to the goal of having 70% of the projected forty-two participants employed by the end of the program in March 2020, so as to enable the Aboriginal youth of PEI to flourish in their career exploration goals.

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