Kelewatl Commission

"The Fish and Wildlife Management Commission for the aboriginal harvesters who reside throughout the traditional Mi'kmaq homelands of Prince Edward Island"

The Kelewatl Natural Life Harvesting Commission - Protecting our Natural Resources for Future Generations

Commission Guidelines

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Guidelines 2018 - Approved 7.3.18 _ With Cover.pdf

The Native Council of Prince Edward Island has been actively pursuing the establishment of a Natural-life Management Commission called the NCPEI Kelewatl (pronounced Gey Le Watel) Commission for our large community of Traditional Ancestral Homeland Mi'Kmaq/Aboriginal Peoples on Prince Edward Island. As the Natural-Life management authority for our community, the Kelewatl Commission will function to:

  • Provide access to a food, social and ceremonial harvest for fish, wildlife, traditional medicines and other plants.
  • Promote an increased access to aquatic resources for economic development purposes through the commercial fishing entity, L'NU Fisheries Limited.
  • Promote, sustain and encourage the sharing of NCPEI member knowledge of aquatic resources, wildlife and the environment and its traditional uses.
  • To inform its harvesters about species at risk which may be listed under the Canadian Species at Risk Act.
  • To receive aquatic resource, wildlife and environmental issues, concerns, needs and interests from the Traditional Homeland Mi'kmaq/Aboriginal Peoples of Prince Edward Island and respond accordingly.

To accomplish the goals and objectives of the Kelewatl Commission, it will be vitally important to have active membership involvement in the Commission through zone advisory boards. Each zone advisory board will be responsible for convening on a quarterly basis to discuss and advise the Kelewatl Commission on a range of natural-life resource issues affecting their local community. The advice provided by the zone advisory boards will be used to inform and guide the Kelewatl Commission management activities as pertaining to the following:

  • Develop guidelines for fishing, trapping, hunting, tree harvesting and medicinal, plant and other harvesting as pertaining to natural-life harvesting species,
  • Review and provide recommendations for any new or existing policies, enactments and regulations pertaining to access and use of the natural-life resources on PEI under review by the Government of PEI.
  • To promote and advance its natural-life harvesting guidelines to the NCPEI community of Traditional Ancestral Homeland Aboriginal Peoples.
  • Promote to its harvesters, and provide venues for its harvesters, any training courses provided by the Government of PEI pertaining to natural-life resource harvesting methods, resource stewardship, and hunting safety.

The Kelewatl Commission will provide a whole new level of credibility, accountability, responsibility and ownership to the Native Council of Prince Edward Island.

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