Family Health and Wellness

Based on the medicine wheel teachings, participants are led by a facilitator on several health and wellness topics. Weekly gatherings for 3 groups are held: Women, Men and Families.

The goal of the program is to provide tools, resources, education and to empower participants to make healthy choices to promote their overall wellness. The main focus will be on stress reduction, improving sleep patterns and pain reduction.  Other topics of workshops will include stress management, healthy hearts, disease prevention, healthy eating and nutrition, mindfulness, self-esteem, pain management alternatives, sleep and rest, preventing injuries and physical activity. Each workshop will include group discussions, sharing circles and will have an interactive approach to encourage all participants to learn and share with each other creating a strong family bond. Creating strong and healthy families is our ultimate outcome with this comprehensive health and wellness program.

NCPEI welcomes and encourages aboriginal families to take advantage of this new program. Please contact Christian Follett for more information regarding details of the program and workshops.  This program is funded through the United Way of Canada.

Contact our Aboriginal Family Wellness Coordinator -